Early 2000, a team of professors and researchers became operational in developing the original implementation of the Face Recognition Biometrics Algorithms whose evolution is actually used in iB3.

In 2004 a full immersion of the research was well established. The main endeavors were focused on conducting in depth assessments of this discipline.

By 2007 renewed direction in the development of the study of Facial Biometrics. These experiences added to the value of complete project integration and experience.

Since 2013 we research into Deep Learning algorithms.

Our software offers a reliable, user-friendly environment to provide identity services over a wide variety of applications. We develop state-of-the-art 2D and 3D low and high-resolution facial recognition solutions for organizations with identity verification and access control needs.

For more than a decade, iB3 has been developing and refining advanced facial recognition software technology and algorithms. Through our knowledge and expertise, we have perfected the capability, among others, of scanning large or small crowds and identifying a person of interest whose image is stored in a closed database, all within seconds in accordance with international standards.

In addition to our state-of-the-art facial recognition software, we have created a solution that is user friendly, cost effective and flexible enough to adapt to existing systems, platforms and cameras.


A facial recognition system is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. Our software has the additional ability to understand and decode facial expressions as an important part of nonverbal communication.

The advantages of facial recognition are manifold:

  • Positive verification based on the person, not a manufactured device that can be duplicated or forged;
  • Privacy: our software operates in secure, closed-loop environments, ensuring the privacy of our recognition processes and the users’ identity;
  • Flexibility: our software can operate over any mix of network and data system infrastructures, enabling seamless integration into existing platforms and databases;
  • Passivity: our software can operate without the cooperation of the subject being identified in such environments where there are crowds, movement and non-optimal illumination
  • Reduces manpower needs for crowd surveillance while increasing the likelihood of identifying selected individuals.


In a society where we are eager to have a safer environment, security control is on the rise. Our low-resolution and high-resolution facial recognition software are applicable to lots of different fields and situations.

iB3 is your source, for a secure environment.

Our software offers the perfect solution to personal identification in a rapid and passive manner with no possibility of fraud or identity theft. Using advanced facial recognition technology, the users’ face becomes his ID card.

While other forms of identification are subject to fraud, forgery or theft, facial recognition is virtually flawless. Additionally, the technology is passive, does not require equipment any more elaborate than a camera and has virtually no restrictions regarding pose, illumination or facial expression.