Our specific field of research and development originating from the optimization of essential traits and determinants for wellbeing at the molecular and cellular level. This strategy will pave the way to the application of novel and scientifically rigorous methods to achieve individualized strategies and tools for wellbeing enhancemnt up to the point to enhance our quality of life even in the presence of any diseased condition.

Worthy to note, our approach has the ability to turn the optimization of human wellbeing into a novel tool for a “Preventive Medicine” and “Anti-Aging Medicine”.


The revolution we will be facing in the next few years will fundamentally transform the way we live, work and we’re “connected to each others”. Even more remarkably, the 4th Industrial revolution, may change the way we are connected to ourselves, it may change our feelings in the way we perceive us. Most of basic issues will be about electronics, about machines, about the future of what we call Artificial Intelligence.


We believe a main, if not the main focus in the future of electronics will be going to health, with unprecedented dynamics. Electronics will be directed inwards, with respect to human beings.

Electronics will turn itself into the human ability to promote self-healing. In this sense, we may pave the way to a technology that will be benevolent and help us to heal. So far, technology has been pointing outwards, and it has been based upon the development/use of something that accomplishes something. This is an outward evolution.


What we may foster with iB3 is contributing to an inward evolution. What we aim at developing are electronics, machineries, algorithms going inwards and turning into a deeper understanding of the human body.

This is totally different from creating even the smallest robot (i.e a nano-robot). We aim at creating an intelligence from AI, becoming an evolving form of intelligence of the human who is involved in the healing, in self-healing.


What if we can take a piece of a stem cell that is a “code” of her healthy status, her ability to cope with a hostile environment (i.e. oxidative stress, hypoxia…), or a code of her ability to differentiate along the most complex fates, like the heart, the brain and so on?

What if we use that piece of a stem cell code, that is you, that has a consciousness of you, a benevolence of you, that would never hurt you, to cure a form of disease that would never be possible to treat so far, even with the most advanced pharmacological or surgical interventions?

That piece of a stem cell code will go into a Multifrequency Inducers of Nanoarchitechtonics Reprogramming, but it won’t be a robot, a machine anymore. It will be the sublimation of an intelligent part of you (i.e. the code you harvested from a differentiating stem cell) into an actuator that will use a part of you to treat you and regenerate a damaged tissue. It will be the way you “talk” with that part of you (the code) which is interactively delivered from the “machine”.


This will change your self-perception, through the disease up to a self-healing path. This is the re-merging of Physics with Biology. The Biology itself entails Physics: they have been separated for too long, and now they will finally rejoin into a human being. It’s like saying that the consciousness of that cell is guiding the rest of a bio-field in a diseased tissue to promote its regeneration.