iB3 Products

The following product are based on IB3 Face Recognition Foundations, an extensive library of imaging and face recognition functions that along with training engines and SDK Generators allow to generate all the specific SDKs that are needed, such as:

  • IB3 Finder: Based on five pipe-lined algorithms specialized for fast localization of image areas that are likely to contain faces and the accurate localization of facial features such as eyes, mouth, eyebrows etc.
  • IB3 Recognizer: Researches the position of the face, normalizes the image, calculates the main features, formulates a statistical description of the face and then performs a statistical comparison of the similarity against a database.
  • IB3 Verifier: ISO 19794/5 Conformity Check evaluates facial images according to the ICAO ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard that defines the requirements for digital image geometry and scenery and returns Token Frontal Face Images and Full Frontal Face Images that are compliant with it.
  • IB3 Classifier: Performs a statistical recognition of people by gender, age, ethnicity etc. to aid in the classification of individuals of interest to the user.
  • IB3 Virtualiser: 3D Face Generation from one face image creates in real time a 3D facial model from a frontal facial image and generates a virtual face image with different poses that dramatically improves the performance of face identification in “non-collaborative” situations.
  • IB3 Facial Emotions: IB3 Facial Emotions, analyzing eyebrows, eyes, mouth movements and micromovements allows to detect a wide range of emotions and feelings. In the last decades a handful of universal facial expressions have been recognized. Not all facial expressions stick around for a long time. Those that pass quickly are called micro-expressions and are almost indiscernible to the casual observer.
  • IB3 Custom SDK: Specialized SDK for specific customer oriented applications.