Non-contact emotion detection

Non-contact emotion detection, analyzing eyebrows, eyes, mouth movements and micromovements allows to detect a wide range of emotions and feelings. In the last decades a handful of universal facial expressions have been recognized. Not all facial expressions stick around for a long time. Those that pass quickly are called micro-expressions and are almost indiscernible to the casual observer.

how to extract useful information from a person’s face

  • Security screening: ability to merge different biometric information in order to identify individuals with malintent at checkpoints
  • Micro-facial expressions: they are regarded as an important human behavioural event that can highlight emotional deception
  • Emotion analysis: analyse and extract emotional stat of a person on the head’s vibrational parameters

Facial micromovements

The set of tools to detect emotions

EVM (Eulerian Video Magnification)

  • Amplify subtle Facial Movements


  • Extracts face significant points

FM Analyser

  • Extracts facial micromovements using DOF (Dense Optical Flow) and other algorithms
  • Facial micromovements carry specific nonverbal information, for example the facial movement caused by pain
  • Extract facial pose
  • Multi-sensor system, with wide spectrum sensors may detect fever in subjects