A facial recognition system is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. Our software has the additional ability to understand and decode facial expressions as an important part of nonverbal communication.

The advantages of facial recognition are manifold:

  • Positive verification based on the person, not a manufactured device that can be duplicated or forged;
  • Privacy: our software operates in secure, closed-loop environments, ensuring the privacy of our recognition processes and the users’ identity;
  • Flexibility: our software can operate over any mix of network and data system infrastructures, enabling seamless integration into existing platforms and databases;
  • Passivity: our software can operate without the cooperation of the subject being identified in such environments where there are crowds, movement and non-optimal illumination
  • Reduces manpower needs for crowd surveillance while increasing the likelihood of identifying selected individuals.

Face Recognition Suite: Apps & SDK


  • Access
  • Zss – Zone Screening Suite
  • Market

SDK – Face Recognition Modules

  • Finder – Face Finder
  • Verifier – ISO 19794/5 Confortmity Check
  • Virtualiser – 3D Face form one face image
  • Recogniser – Face recognition
  • Tracker – Face tracking on oneor more video streams
  • Classifier
  • Emotion detection

Face Recognition Architecture