Risk detection and mitigation in complex physical environments

  • Real time analysis videos
  • Based on the most advanced machine learning tecniques (SophyAI)
  • Management of “virtually unlimited” cameras

Safety issues

Safety issues in industrial settings have great social and business costs

*source https://www.osha.gov/dsg/injuryillnessPreventionProgramsWhitePaper.html

Video Analytics architecture

A fully integrated solution with sensors (e.g. cameras or devices)

  • Detect the event present in the scene
  • Localise it in a digital twin of the site
  • Inform a workflow system

SophyAI algoritms

classification/identification/volume/estimation/counting/tracking/object status/localisation

Privacy proven scenario digitization

The sophyAI inference to understande the scenario

  • Inference module receives camera streaming; it supports 24 different algorithms
  • The algorithms produce metadata and transmit using broker MQTT/KAFKA to localisation module
  • GDPR compliant, images are not stored

SophyAI user configuration & interface

  • 3D simulator to configure SophyAI before installation in a real environment: simplification of cost evaluation and final configuration. After configuration, configurator can be used for 3D frontend in mobile and web configuration
  • Map scenario visualisation and object representation in the area
  • Smart device for simple interaction with SophyAI
  • Visual workflow configuration tools for a simple customisation of the system in different user environments
SophyAI – Camera mapping configuration
SophyAI – Room configuration
Mapping digital twin

SophyAI – Merging in digital twin AI & IoT
SophyAI – Multi floor – Multiroom

SophyAI installation

Easy to install at a client site, designed to be scalable


When using cameras, people privacy is a big issue

Workers on the job have specific rights. GDPR in Europe has tight guidelines. SophyAI is designed to comply with all that

Key risk indicator

Providing a key risk indicator to monitor security performance over time