iB3 believes there is a strong push give by Fourth Industrial Revolution to the merging of digital, biological and physical into a secure and reliable setup based on decentralised blockchains.

iB3 research area regarding blockchain based technologies is mainly devoted to exploit a decentralized platform for two vertical applications:


We see Blockchain as a medium where healthcare data can be exchanged still maintaining strong privacy and consent by the patient (de-identified and encrypted to ensure privacy and security).

Our approach can benefit wide application areas, ranging from cutting the costs of clinical trials, easily extending to years follow up periods in epidemiological studies, gathering patient surveys on a voluntary basis or with a compensation and also be part of the movement that tries to open and democratize clinical trial data and to use them as big data with AI and ML techniques.

Security and Safety

We see the huge advantages of Blockchain technology applied to security and safety data once security/safety data is able to run on a ‘digital backbone’ , in this scenario there are considerable benefits to be realised by integrating disruptive technologies (such as IoT, AI and blockchain) with traditional security/safety management systems.
Each has a part to play as an enabler of connected, intelligent, collaborative, and trusted services; but it’s in combination that they add the most value. Integration between IoT platforms and security/safety management systems brings richer, more highly granular datasets into the mix; AI and machine learning enhanced system understanding; anchor to a blockchain network, or devolve some cross-boundary processes to blockchain-based smart contracts and you have autonomous, decentralised applications that can facilitate the widening of a ‘process zone’ to include multiple third parties who may need to exercise control over data with the blockchain enabling them to trust the data that’s shared with them.